Why Netball?


Netball is the original women’s basketball and now it’s taking the USA by storm all thanks to the hard work of Netball America. This Netball Facts Sheet will tell you what you want to know about Netball America.

Although Netball has its roots stemming from the original women’s basketball, today it has significant differences and benefits: a non-contact sport (players must defend the ball from a distance of 3 feet, and no defending of the player is allowed), boys and girls and men and women can play on the same team or against each other given it is non-contact, it is a true team sport (players are restricted to zones and must pass the ball to their teammates in order to move the ball down the court), no backboard (so shooters develop great hand/eye coordination), no stealing the ball is allowed, and no dribbling, plus it doesn’t matter the size or fitness level there is a position on court for everyone.

Netball America is the leader in bringing Netball to the USA.  20 million play around the globe so we are focused on showing how Netball creates an exciting atmosphere of participation and supports individual progress, team unity, good health and education of youth.  It is a true team sport that is great for boys, girls, men and women of all ages.  Our aim is to encourage children and families to be physically active, maintain a healthy lifestyle and includes those with disabilities to ensure they feel part of their community.  Netball America is a registered 501c(3) Not-For-Profit organization and currently has members located in 33 states across the USA.

Netball America is the only US netball organization that has membership with the national physical education association which has led to Netball being introduced into school curriculum’s across the USA.  Netball America was able to get the first school districts in the United States introducing Netball.  These are Miami-Dade County, New York City, New Hampshire, and Brevard County.  In addition, Netball America has introduced Netball across many community centers across the nation, including New York City Housing Authority, Parks and Recreations which has seen over 100,000 youth introduced to Netball.

Netball America recently broke the Facebook Live record by having the most viewers tune in to the live feed at any one time.  The viewership reached over 100,000. This was at the 2017 US Open Netball Championships at the Alario Center, New Orleans.  The US Open Netball Championships™ is the largest Netball Event in the USA and you can learn more about it here.

Netball America won the international bid in conjunction with the US International University Sports Federation to host theFISU World University Netball Championship (junior Olympics) which saw 8 nations compete in Miami for the World University Championship Title.   Netball America also hosted the Golden Oldies Netball Festival which had over 50 netball teams descend upon San Diego for a weekend of Fun in the Sun.  In addition, Netball America has conducted ‘Harlem-Globetrotter’ style showcases to over 50,000 people at Madison Square Garden (New York City), Staples Center (Los Angeles), Key Arena (Seattle), Prudential Center (New Jersey) and Philips Arena (Atlanta).  Netball America also worked with the City of Birmingham Alabama in the successful bid which will see the World Games come to the USA in 2021.

Netball has roots stemming from women’s basketball, has been played throughout the world for over 110 years. Now an International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized sport this game is based on the principles of basketball however the goal shooters ‘wow’ the crowds as they shoot into a 10 foot high basket in which there is no backboard.  Players only have three seconds to pass the ball and with their aerial jumps to intercept and move the ball down the court, it’s a great spectator sport that is going to change the face of women sports in the United States.

Netball is similar to basketball although the rules, equipment and team numbers are slightly different:

  • No dribbling;
  • No running with the ball;
  • 7 players per team;
  • Ball must be passed in 3 seconds;
  • Ball and basket are slightly smaller and there is no backboard; and
  • Players are designated to play within certain areas of the court.

Netball is played in a competitive yet non aggressive environment enabling players of different ages to become actively involved.  More importantly, Netball is an all inclusive sport that can be played by females and males and offers a range of positions that allow for the application of different skill levels.

source: https://netballamerica.com/communications/fact-sheet/


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